The Five Things You Need To Know Today (July 19)

1. Detroit Declares Bankruptcy- In what is the biggest municipal filing in United States, the city of Detroit has officially declared bankruptcy. The city has is an estimated $19 biilion n debt.

2. Charges Stand Against Manning- A Maryland judge today decided to uphold charges against Private Bradley Manning accused of “aiding the enemy.” Private Manning admitted leaking hundreds of documents to the website WikiLeaks. If convicted, Manning could face life in prison.

3. Latin American Countries Trying To Block “.Amazon”- A group of Latin American countries are trying to block the online retailer from purchasing the a “.Amazon” URL ender.

4. Jay Z Changes Name- In a move out of Diddy’s playbook, Jay Z has taken the “-” out of his name. He is now simply, Jay Z.

5. NCAA Ending Deal With Electronic Arts- The NCAA has announced that they will not renew their video game contract with game maker Electronic Arts citing, “business and legal concerns.” EA is currently in a legal battle with Rutgers quarterback Ryan Hart with using his likeness without his permission.

Song of the Day: The Aquabats- Pool Party

Happy Birthday: Brian May, turns 66 today!

RIP: Frank McCourt, died 4 years ago today.


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