Four Hometown Dates + One Rose Ceremony: The Bachelorette (Week Eight)

I’m quickly running out of ideas to recap this show. I thought it would be fun to showcase the guys each week instead of “recapping” each episode (since each episode is kinda boring). But we no longer have five guys, we have four; Drew, Brooks, Chris and Zak W.

This week is exciting though because its HOMETOWN DATES! It’s always interesting to see how the bachelor or bachelorette will interact with the families. There is always awkwardness, always weird family members and in the case of Dez a crazy brother who wants to destroy everything she’s built with the contestants.

This week, I’m going to recap each hometown date along with the “State of Dez” at this point. Here we gooooooo.

1. Zak W. and Dez, Dallas, Texas

I think by now everyone is well aware (who reads this weekly) that in my opinion, Zak W. is the weakest link at this point. It took Dez a while to make a real connection with Zak W., and it took Zak W. a while to show he wasn’t just abs. But soon into the hometown date, we realize that Zak W. has been hiding a secret for the majority of the season; HIS FAMILY OWNS A SNOW CONE COMPANY. If I were Zak W. this would be the first thing I would tell Dez. “Hey girl, want a life time supply or super sweet flavored syrupy ice? Then pick me.” During their date, the end up selling snow cones to about 30 children who magically appear. At one point, Dez even calls Zak W. her “boyfriend”

It doesn’t really seem like Zak W. is in contention at this point. She does like him, I just think she likes the other guys more. Zak W.’s family is nice enough. They are extremely good looking and just as Zak W. does, sing songs to Dez. At the end of the date, Zak W. even gives Dez a really nice ring that was his grandmother’s ring.

2. Drew and Dez, Scottsdale, Arizona

Similar to Zak W., Drew has really started gaining steam in recent weeks. But Drew and Dez have certainly made up for lost time. It seems like they are hooking up every chance they get. When the first see each other in Arizona, they can’t stop sticking each other’s tongues down their throats.

Instead of doing a “real date,” like serving snow cones to a bunch of kids, Drew and Dez go pick up his handicapped sister named Melissa. It’s actually a really sweet moment. Melissa is severely mentally handicapped and is very excited to see Dez and Drew. She starts touching her hair and screaming (her sign of affection.)

They then meet what seems to be Drew’s extended family of about 14 people. Dez seems overwhelmed, but gets very comfortable. She meets nieces, nephews, fathers, stepfathers, sisters and laws and brothers in law. One kind of strange part is when Drew’s dad asks her, “do you believe in angels,” to which Dez says, “yes.” And, then he asks, “Have you ever met an angel,” and Dez says, “No.” Then, Drew’s dad says, “yes you have, you’ve met Melissa.” Kind of a strange moment.

3. Chris and Dez, some random town in Oregon

Chris and Dez have by far the strangest hometown date. First of all, we learn that Chris used to be a baseball player(!), so what do they do? They put on eye black and hit baseball of course. Dez actually doesn’t throw too much like a girl, she’s actually pretty good. Chris and Dez has a pretty interesting relationship. They kind of look alike and they are both extremely boring, especially when they decide to write poetry together.

Chris’ family aren’t exactly great looking. His dad is a pretty weird chiropractor who conduct an exam on Dez midway into their dinner. It seems pretty awkward for Dez, but she troops through the process. Then even weirder things happen. Chris starts to have a “heart to heart” with his dad about the bachelorette process, but his dad is sticking weird things up his nose.

I’ll get more into this later, but I think there is a reason why Brooks hasn’t said, “I love you,” yet to Dez. Chris looks so desperate when he keeps telling her how much he loves her. I think Dez is getting tired of it. Chris might have been in pole position a couple of weeks ago, but now I think he’s behind Brooks and Drew.

4. Brooks and Dez, Salt Lake City, Utah

Finally we had Brooks’ hometown visit in Salt Lake City, Utah. Brooks is probably the favorite at this point in the competition. He’s very personable, kind of funny and Dez and him aren’t completely weird when they are together. However, I think Dez is much more into Brooks then he is into her.

Brooks started out the competition by receiving a bunch of one-on-one dates, but that slowed once Dez started to take interest in the other guys. I think Brooks really likes being with Dez, but can’t really deal when they are apart. I also think that Dez is angry that he hasn’t said “I love you” yet, but in my opinion this could make Brooks come off as desperate. However, if he doesn’t do something soon, Dez might just kick him.

During their date before she meets his family, they go canoeing and almost fall into the water. Brook’s family looks right out of Romney campaign ad. Most are wearing sweater vests and have “My Name Is…” stickers on. They also talk really quietly which is creepy and weird.

Rose Ceremony

Zak W. gets kicked off.

Note; There will be no recap next week because it’s a “men tell all” episode aka snoozefest.


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