The Five Things You Need To Know Today (July 16)

1. Mexican Cartel Lord Captured- The leader of Mexico’s Zetas cartel was captured early yesterday, signaling the first major blow to the Mexican drug cartel infrastructure. Trevino Morales, 40, was captured by Mexican Marines along a major highway.

2. Coca-Cola Loses Fizz In Q2- Coca-Cola is reportedly down from a year ago. In last year’s second quarter the drink manufacturer gained $2.79 billion, with shares at 61 cents. This quarter Coca-Cola brought in $2.68 billion and shares are down to 58 cents.

3. Google Ads To Be Blocked On Pirated Content Websites- In an attempt to minimize the impact of websites that offer pirated material, Google announced that they will stop having ads on these types of websites. The owners of creative property will be able to alert Google as to what websites are being kept afloat via advertising.

4. Jenny McCarthy Set To Join The View– It was announced a couple of weeks ago that Elizabeth Hasselbeck would be leaving The View, and now the popular ABC talk show has a replacement, Jenny McCarthy. McCarthy is engendering a bit of controversy due to her stance on vaccines.

5. Cespedes Wins Home Run Derby- Oakland Athletics’ Yoenis Cespedes defeated Bryce Harper last night in the Home Run Derby. Overall, Cespedes hit 32 home runs.

Song That Adequately Sums Up My Mood Today: Just Jack- Glory Days

Happy Birthday: Will Ferrell, turns 46 today!

RIP: John F. Kennedy, Jr, died 14 years ago today.


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