Five Reality Shows Getting Me Through The Summer

Summer used to be a dumping ground for most televisions. It was a place where networks would relegate the failures of the past year. As I mentioned earlier season, summer has now become a place for the more “sexier” shows networks, especially “premium” channels have available. You have True Blood, Dexter, Ray Donovan and soon the last part of Breaking Bad.

The only issue is that all these shows are on Sunday night. So what do you do during the week? Watch reality TV of course. Besides baseball being aired every night, there is always some new, stupid reality show where your brain can take a vacation and body can exist in total air conditioned bliss. Here are five reality shows that are getting me through hot summer nights.

1. Extreme Weight Loss 

Do you want to feel better about yourself? If the answer is yes, you should probably be watching Extreme Weight Loss on ABC. The show takes place over the course of one year as trainer Chris Powell (who has something weird going on with his jaw) takes either a couple, brother/sister or individual and provides them with a weight loss journey that has them losing pounds extremely quickly. It’s a two hour show and because the transformation over the hear happens in front of you, it’s great to see the results.

Another interesting part is how in the middle of the year, the contestants are given a challenge like a mud run or some sort of triathlon. It’s exciting to see these transformations and in the end, it may make you question why your sitting on the couch during the summer anyway.

2. The Hero

The Hero might either be the dumbest or greatest reality show on TV. Let my try to tell you why it’s the greatest. The show is hosted by The Rock (excellent), filled with angry, young men and women who would absolutely destroy everyone on The Challenge and is filmed in Panama. The show is also pretty interesting strategy wise.

Each episode six people are chosen for a challenge, during the challenge, The Rock can pop up at any moment offer them, let’s say $35,000. The contestant can take the money and make the next challenge harder (the other people won’t know who took the money, unless they choose to say so) or refusing it. Once the contestants get to the next round, they need to choose one person for The Hero Challenge.” The Hero Challenge is usually pretty difficult. If the contestants completes the challenge they can either take the $70,000 and leave the game or choose somebody to leave. At the end of the show, American get’s to vote on who receive the money that is “banked” from all the other challenges.

3. The Next Food Network Star

I’m a sucker for food reality shows. I am obsessed with Top Chef. Since Bravo has Top Chef and the Food Network has Chopped, they needed to figure out their own type of “long term food competition” show. Enter The Next Food Network Star. The winner of the show get’s their own show on Food Network. Not many of the winners have really done anything with their careers besides Guy Fieri. However, it is interesting to see that food is only part of the equation. The contestants also need to have personable on-air personalities. You can be the best chef in the world, but if you can’t connect with viewers at home, you have no business on the show.

4. The Bachelorette

Judging from my weekly recaps, I don’t think I need to explain my obsession.

5. The Challenge

Bill Simmons calls The Challenge the other major American sporting event. He’s right. It is so intense and excellent. You have like 20 people in their 20s who are voluminously drinking alcohol while participating in Survivor- like challenges. SIGN ME UP!


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