Five Things You Might Have Missed This Weekend

The weekend used to be a time to turn your brain off. You could relax, take stock of your week and do things you really want to do. Now, the media reserves their highest quality products for the weekend, when people “have the time”  to digest their products.

But, here are five things you might have missed this weekend.

1. Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake Peformed “Holy Grail” Together For The First Time

They did so at the Wireless Festival in London, England.

2. Stranded, Dave Matthews Was Drive To His Own Concert Last Night

3. We Found Out That J.K. Rowling Wrote A Book Under A Pen Name

4. George Zimmerman Was Found Innocent In The Killing Of Trayvon Martin

Young Jeezy responded with a song.

5. BuzzFeed’s Chairman, Ken Lerer Talked With The New York Times




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