Five Fun First Date Ideas For Pot Heads

By Cousin Avi
1. Get high and fingerpaint.
Any woman that accepts this kind of date is a keeper. That’s exactly what it’s designed for. Why are you going on dating websites and filling out an online profile that says you “find yourself extremely ambitious” and “consistently go to the gym.” You know what you are and you are not going to change. Embrace your elementary pleasures and find somebody that shares them.
2. Get high and go on a hike.
This is simple, cheap and you can do it anywhere. It also conveys that you are an active person.
3. Get high and try to break a World Record.
This is fun and will keep you engaged. It also shows that you are outgoing. The beauty is that there are thousands of records that can easily be beaten. The challenge is to not get too angry when she inevitably fails the first few times. Be supportive.
4. Get high and play Mario Cart 64
This is to let her know that it’s serious. Bonus points if she knows the secret passageway in Koopa Troopa Beach.
5. Just get high.
If you are a pothead then stop trying to date someone that doesn’t smoke. It just is not going to workout. Smoking weed or not smoking weed is something that you need to have in common with your woman. This does not apply to recreational users. I am talking about Potheads.

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