The Five Things You Need To Know Today (July 12)

1. DNA Links Boston Strangler To Last Victim- After 53 years, their may be a definitive link between the suspected Boston strangler Albert DeSalvo and his final victim Mary Sullivan. DeSalvo’s corpse was exhumed yesterday after DNA tests found a link between him and Sullivan.

2. Microsoft Handed NSA Encrypted Messages- It was discovered yesterday that Microsoft gave the NSA access to encrypted messages according to files provided to The Guardian from Edward Snowden. The files show that Microsoft and the NSA worked closely together to allow user’s messages to be intercepted.

3. Microsoft Slashes Price Of Tablet- Today, Microsoft will slash the price of it’s tablet Surface by $150. Microsoft only sold 1.5 million units of the Surface in it’s first three months, while Apple sold 20 million iPads.

4. Sam Mendes Will Direct Next James Bond- Skyfall was a tremendous success and judging from Daniel Craig continuing his role as James Bond so will the next film. And now the film has a director, Skyfall director Sam Mendes.

5. Kovalchuk Retired- At only 30 years old, Ilya Kovachuk of the New Jersey Devils has retired with 12 years left of a 15 year, $100 million contract. Kovalchuk says he wants to be with his family more and will move to Russia.

Happy Birthday: Richard Simmons, turns 65 today!

RIP: Alexander Hamilton, died 206 years ago today.


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