Five Awesome Songs/Videos Released This Week

Where Monday through Thursday I’ll be focusing on with an artist/theme/genre of music, Fridays are for posting songs you might have missed in new releases.

1. Justin Timberlake- Take Back The Night

This is the Justin Timberlake we all missed. He has a second album coming out this fall. Can’t wait for him to host SNL again and a Daft Punk “Get Lucky” mashup with this song.

2. Robin Thicke- Take It Easy On Me

Thicke has more than just one great song.

3. Mike D- Humberto Vs. The New Reactionaries

Mike D crafted this 10 minute punk rock/hard rock opus for a recent fashion show.

4. Jay-Z- Dead Presidents 3

With Magna Carta Holy Grail released on Tuesday, Jay-Z let Young Guru unearth the unfinished “Dead Presidents 3.”

5. The xx- Sunset (Jamie xx Edit)


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