Five Artists You Should See At The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

Sure, Rock the Bells may have the most “commercial” hip-hop lineup, but the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival produced by Brooklyn Bodega is the ONLY hip-hop festival in New York City this summer. It’s also the most hip-hop. Taking a look at the lineup for Rock the Bells, they may have a Jurassic 5 reunion, a Wu-Tang reunion and an Eazy-E hologram (lol), but they also have Girl Talk and Pretty Lights. Not quite the acts for the true hip-hop head.

On the other hand, the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival gives you a really nice experience. It’s held in Brooklyn Heights under the Brooklyn Bridge and provides a really intimate experience. The festival also has a TON of special guests. In 2012, Busta Rhymes was the headliner and was accompanied by old school favorites Slick Rick, Q-Tip and Phife Dog of a Tribe Called Quest. In 2011, Q-Tip was joined by none other than Kanye West.

This years boasts another awesome lineup. It’s happening this Saturday and tickets are available here. Before the actual show begins though, let’s talk about about five acts you should see on Saturday.

1. Pusha T (6:55 pm)

Pusha T has come along from “Grindin'” with No Malice as a part of the hip-hop group Clipse. He was featured on Kanye West’s “Runaway” and is now focused on his solo career. His full length studio debut, My Name Is My Name is slated for an August 13th release and should not be missed. His distinctive voice and style makes him one of the most interesting artists in hip-hop right now. He is also the headliner, so who else are you going to go see? Listen to “Who I Am” below.

2. EPMD (6:00 pm)

You might not know who EPMD is, but you really should because Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith have been doing what they do for almost 25 years. Their 1988 album Strictly Business is hip-hop CLASSIC MATERIAL. Even though they haven’t been commercially relevant lately, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t culturally relevant. EPMD was one of the first groups to really use sampling. Their set on Saturday should be a huge dance party. Listen to “It’s My Thing” below.

3. Redman (5:10 pm)

Do I hear a Method Man appearance? Maybe so. Redman and Method Man did a put an album out together, but if we only get Redman I would still be happy. Not much to say here, he’s just awesome. His shows are super fun and so is he. Check out “I’ll Bee That” below.

4. DJ Enuff  (4:35 pm)

You might know DJ Enuff from your drive home on Hot 97.1., but he’s a great DJ and performer. On Saturday he’ll be doing a DJ tribute to fallen Beastie Boy MCA.

5. Dizzy Wright (4:05 pm)

Dizzy Wright is in the underground rap scene, even though he’s been performing since he eight years old. His newest mixtape The Golden Age will be released this summer and will include Joey Bada$$ and Wyclef Jean. Listen to “Can’t Trust Em” below.


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