Three Up, Two Down: The Bachelorette (Week Seven)

We are one episode away from hometown dates and I’m getting very excited and nervous. Excited because I think the remaining guys (after last night’s elimination) are all good fits for Dez, but nervous because I myself have grown somewhat “attached” to the remaining contestants and I don’t want to see them go. But, we must get down to a final three.

This week as we continued our trek east to west in Europe the guys and Dez ended up in Maderia, Portugal. We first see Dez talking to a bunch of ladies from the previous season of The Bachelor including the winner Catherine which seems a bit awkward. This week their are four dates, three one-on-one dates and one “two on one date.” Even though during the last “two on one” date on guy was eliminated during the date, this will not happen this time, but one guy WILL receive a rose.

Let’s see who’s up and down this week!

Three Up

1. Brooks


Brooks had the first one on one date and it’s always fun to see how boring their relationship can get. They go for a drive through the island and up in a area where they are above the clouds. It’s actually a pretty neat view on the TV. Later during a conversation with Chris Harrison, it almost seems like Dez let’s it slip that she is in love with Brooks. This surprised me. After the first week I viewed Brooks as a heavy frontrunner but seemed like they had cooled off in recent weeks. Maybe something is going on behind the scenes that I don’t know about.

2. Drew



As I’ve mentioned in previous week’s recaps, Drew is soaring up the leaderboard. He was sluggish to start but is in second place behind Brooks (in my opinion). Drew and Zak W. are paired for the “two on one” date this week and they go go-karting (yes, go-karting). Drew loses the race, but wins the affection of Dez and receives a rose on the date. When talking to the ladies of the previous Bachelor season, Drew is both the “most attractive” according to Dez, and “best kisser.”

3. Chris



Chris is so boring that he makes Brooks looks like a daredevil. During Chris and Dez’s solo date, they venture to a deserted island, where (surprise, surprise) they write another poem. Their poems are so stupid and uninventive. They could be written by a bunch of 10 year-olds. During dinner, Chris tells Dez he loves her and she doesn’t really reciprocate. That’s a given though, the Bachlors and Bachelorette’s don’t usually admit those things until the final episode.

Two Down:

4. Zak W.



I think Zak W. has come a really long way since his first appearance on the show. I also think hes very strategic and creative. During Zak W.’s and Dez’s solo time on the “two on one” date, Zak W., shows Dez a bunch of drawing of their time together. It’s actually a really good idea. That being, said I think Zak W. is in last place at this point. Dez says he’s really good on a personal level, but gets shy when he’s in groups.

5. Michael G. 



Michael G. seems like a really nice guy, but I just don’t think he was right for Dez and neither did she apparently. This was his first week having a one-on-one date with Dez and things just felt awkward. He seemed like he was trying to hard. He seemed like he was much more into her than she was with him. Dez eliminates him this week and I wasn’t surprised. He needs to find someone who likes him just as much as he likes them.




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