The Five Things You Need To Know Today (July 3)

1. Obamacare Provision Delayed- A key provision in Barack Obama’s healthcare plan is being delayed until 2015, signaling a major setback in the President’s strides during his administration. The provision being delayed holds employers responsible for providing healthcare to businesses with over 50 employees.

2. Egyptian President Mursi Defiant In “Final Hours”- Islamist President Mursi has been defiant over an ultimatum handed over by the army to provide a military backed solution to the country’s protests. Mursi has said he’s, “ready to die” when the ultimatum’s time is up.

3. Apple Hires Ex-Yves Saint Laurent CEO- Apple has hired ex-Yves Saint Laurent Paul Deneve as a special assistant to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Their is no word on what he’ll be working on.

4.  James Gandolfini’s Estate Valued At $70 Million- James Ganolfini, recently departed TV and movie star had an estate valued at $70 million. In a Manhattan court room yesterday that estate was left to his family along with his assistant.

5. Homer Bailey Throws No-Hitter- Cincinnati Reds Pitcher Homer Baily threw a no-hitter last night against the San Francisco Giants. He is the first pitcher to have consecutive no-hitters with no one throwing a no-hitter in between since Nolan Ryan.

Happy Birthday: Julian Assange, turns 42 today.

RIP: Don Drysdale, died 10 years ago today.


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