Three Up, Two Down: The Bachelorette (Week Six)

ntuHola from Barcelona! We are really getting down to the nitty gritty this season as we only have eight contestants left. Since their isn’t enough guys on the show to do two separate posts, I’ve decided to institute, “Three Up, Two Down.”

‘Three Up” will include three guys who are rising up in Dez’s esteems and “Two Down” will include two guys who are not making the cut. This week the guys and Dez ventured to Barcelona, Spain where their are two “one on one” dates and one group date. A notable part of this episode was that Chris Harrison said their would be no cocktail party this week thus the guys need to use “their time wisely.”

Three Up

1. Drew 



It seems like Drew has been lurking in the shadows up until this point, but he finally gets a chance to shine during his first “one on one date”. Drew and Dez just walk around Barcelona taking in the sites and making out every time they can. During a lunch, Drew confesses that his father was once an alcoholic and is now his hero as a stable figure in the alcohol recovery community. Later during their dinner date Drew does something very interesting.

He tells Dez that he wants to take her somewhere. He grabs her and they run to a private alley where they start sucking face. The move is pretty smart. In a show where everything seems so rehearsed and scheduled, the alleyway is really spontaneous. After their sucking face session, Drew tells Dez that James has been making statements about being the next Bachelor.

2. Chris



Chris has been rising up in the ranks for a couple of weeks now. He doesn’t receive a “one on one date” with Dez, but does get some private time with her after the group date. They have a really weird chemistry together. They seems to be really chatty with each other, but I don’t remember anything they talk about. They are both boring. You should remember that Chris writes a poem about Dez which she repays by writing a dumb, rhyming poem about him.

3. Zak W.



Similar to Chris, Zak W. has been rising precipitously recently. I think he’s a pretty good guy because he’s both funny and has serious moments. During their one on one date, Zak W. and Dez do an art class that features them drawing naked models. At the end, Zak W. gets into a robe and when you think he will disrobe naked, wrong(!), he’s wearing a banana hammock! Smart move Zak W.! He’s also able to stay out of drama unlike other guys (cough, cough Drew).

Two Down

4. Michael G



Last week I wasn’t sure why Juan Pablo was still on the show, this week his spot has been usurped by Michael G. He doesn’t really seem to be liked by Dez and really uses his prosecutor persona to ensnare other contestants. This week Drew, Michael G. and Kasey gang up on James for certain statements he makes about becoming the next Bachelor. James ends up going home, but I the image of Michael G. will stay with Dez as someone who tries to expose others.

5. Brooks


Brooks is someone I thought would go to the end, but there hasn’t been a ton of chemistry between him and Dez in recent weeks.

Seeya next week in some island off the coast of Portugal!



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