The Five Things You Need To Know Today (July 2)

1. Edward Snowden’s Options Narrowing- US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden’s options are narrowing as he tries to seek asylum in various countries avoiding extradition to the United States. Snowden who has been living in the Moscow airport, has sent requests out to 21 countries so far. Snowden has accused President Obama of pressuring countries not to let him in.

2. Egyptian Army Sets “48 Hour” Ultimatum- The Egyptian Army has given Egyptian President Morsi a 48 hour time limit to deal with the countries protests. The army said that if demands aren’t met, they will take the responsibility in solving issues.

3. Apple Seeking “iWatch” Trademark- Venturing into the next tech fad, Apple has applied for an “iWatch” trademark in Japan. The tech company hopes to compete with a similar high-tech watch set to be released by Samsung.

4. Home Prices Soar 12.1%- Home prices have soared 12. 1 percent from 2012, their greatest increase since February of 2006. Steady hiring and lower mortgage rates have encouraged higher home prices.

5. Judge Rejects Three Lawsuits Filed Against Former Elmo Puppeteer- Three lawsuits filed against Kevin Clash, the puppeteer of Elmo of Sesame Street have been thrown out of court by a New York judge. All three lawsuits were related to sexual abuse.


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