The Five Things You Need To Know Today (July 1)

1. Arizona Ravaged By Wildfire- Wildfires swept though the town Yarnell Hill last night destroying more than half the time and killing 19 firefighters. It is the most firefighters to die in a single event since 9/11.

2. Egypt Overrun With Protests- Egypt is dealing with widespread protests for the first time since people protested Hosni Mubarak’s administrative in 2011. Millions protested the new government headed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

3. RIP Google Reader- Today, Google phases out it’s news reading application called Google Reader. Numerous alternatives have been put in place including a “Digg” reader.

4. Helicopter Lands In Hudson River- Yesterday, a sight seeing helicopter had to make an emergency landing on the Hudson River. Flown by 23-year old Michael Campbell, the helicopter landed without issue. No one even got wet.

5. Brazil Wins Confederation Cup- Brazil beat Spain yesterday 3-0 in the Confederation Cup, breaking the Spanish national team’s 29-game, 3-year winning streak.


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