Five Awesome Songs/Videos Released This Week

Where Monday through Thursday I’ll be focusing on with an artist/theme/genre of music, Fridays are for posting songs you might have missed in new releases.

1. The Pixies- Bagboy

The Pixies haven’t released a new song in 9 years, but early this morning, “Bagboy” appeared on their website. The song was recorded last October and features, Kim Deal who recently left the band.

2. Franz Ferdinand- Love Illumination/Right Along

Franz Ferdinand will release their new album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions at the end of August. They kicked off the album’s promotion with premiering these new tracks earlier this week.

3. Big Boi- The Thickets

Big Boi had to cancel a bunch of tour dates due to a knee injury but now he releases a new video off his latest album.

4. M.I.A.- Bring the Noize

I thought she was retiring.

5. Mariah Carey- #Beautiful (feat. Miguel & A$AP Rocky)

A$AP jumps on the remix.


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