Five Bachelorette Contestants On The Slide (Week Five)

It’s been a couple of days since we visited the remaining guys of The Bachelorette, but I needed some time to get my thoughts in order. Here are five contestants who are on the slide.

1. Michael G. 


Michael G. emerged victorious out of the “two on one date” with Ben, but I think Dez was choosing the less of two evils. Michael G. is able to expose as Ben as someone not on the show for the “right reasons.” I think Dez does like Michael G., but kicked Ben off because of the information learned on the date. In regards to Dez and Michael G.’s chemistry? There really is none.

2. Bryden

Bryden was my initial frontrunner of the show, judging from his sympathy story and Dez’s desire to take him on a solo date. The days of them “road tripping” through Califronia and eating Smartfood is over though. After struggling with the competition last week, Bryden decides to wait until he gets to Germany to take himself off the show. He was not there for, say it with me, “the right reasons.”

3. Ben

I also thought Ben had a lot of promise in the premiere. He introduces Dez to his son first thing, but quickly the other guys really didn’t like him. This culminated this week in his date with Michael G. and Dez. Michael G. calls Ben an “absentee father” and then tells Dez how Ben is here to bolster his bar business. Dez sends Ben home right away. And judging from his exit interview, Ben was an asshole.

4. Juan Pablo

I cannot understand how Juan Pablo is still on this show. The only reason I can think of his because the other guys are so busy trying to expose each other that Juan Pablo is able to stay under the radar. The group is getting small though. I don’t know how much longer he can stay under the radar.

5. Kasey

Kasey is to James as Michael G. was to Ben. Kasey overhears James talking about if he can get to the final four on the show, he will have a good chance at being the next Bachelor. Kasey is upset that James isn’t on the show for the “right reasons.” His plan might backfire though. Look at Michael G.  Sometimes you get so involved in exposing other people that you lose ground with Dez herself.



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