The Five Things You Need To Know Today (June 25)

1. Supreme Court Lacks Definitive Ruling On Affirmative Action- In a 7-1 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that courts must take a skeptical look at affirmative action programs. The program being questioned at the University of Texas at Austin will continue for now, but the Court ordered the appeals court to take another look at the program.

2. Taliban Attack Afghan Presidential Palace- Early this morning the Taliban conducted a coordinated attack on the Afghan presidential palace. Three Afghans officers protecting the palace were killed, while the four attacks were also killed.

3. Home Prices Up In April- Home prices were up 12.1 percent in April, six times as much in March. The rise in prices should continue the chairman of the S&P board said.

4. Fat Joe Heads To Jail- The heavyweight rapper Fat Joe is headed to jail for four months for not paying his taxes. He also faces a $15,000 fine.

5. Chicago Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup- Last night the Chicago Blackhawks took home the Stanley Cup, defeating the Boston Bruins 3-2. Patrick Kane won the MVP award.

Happy Birthday: Ricky Gervais, turns 52!

RIP: Michael Jackson, died 4 years ago today.


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