Five Bachelorette Contestants On The Rise (Week Five)

Hello from Munich Germany! This week on The Bachelorette, our remaining contestants got to visit Germany with Dez, who had never been to Europe before. When the contestants arrive in Germany they are met with excellent host Chris Harrison. He tells them this week, their will be one solo date, one group AND one “two on one date”. During the “two on one” date, Dez will send someone home, while the other will continue on the date. 

I feel like this week there were a lot more “contestants on the slide,” but that’s a post for tomorrow! Here are “Five Contestants On The Rise.”

1. Chris



Chris is quickly becoming the MVP of the show. He receives the “one on one date” with Dez and they really click from a personality standpoint. Their conversations are usually boring, but so is Dez. It works. And once again, he writes her a poem, that he says was written on the plane ride. I feel like it is becoming a two way race between Chris and Brooks at this point.

2. Brooks


I was so wrong about Brooks. I thought he would be one of the first people off the show, but he has some serious staying power. Brooks might not have gotten the solo date, but during the group date, he is the first person that Dez wants to spend solo time with after their “sledding” is over. They crawl under another creepy blanket and she immediately kisses him. Before giving out the roses, Dez actually admits that she likes kissing Brooks the most. The one bad thing about Brooks is he creepily watches James and Dez make out.

3. Zak W. 



I was also wrong about Zak W. He seems like a total meat head in the first episode, but we do see a sensitive side to Zak W. He’s also very goofy and fun, but has a serious side. During the group date, he tells Dez that he came to Germany a number of years ago to decide if he wants to be a priest. He analogizes being on The Bachelorette to that decision he made years ago. 

4. James



There is a BIT of controversy this week whether of not James is (say it with me) “here for the right reasons.” Kasey and Drew say that they heard him say that if he makes it to the final he will be a shoe in for the next season of The Bachelor. That being said, the chemistry with Dez continues to sparkle. Next week looks verrrry interesting though.

5. Drew



Drew just seems like a really nice guy. He does need more screen time though.




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