The Five Things You Need To Know Today (June 24)

1. George Zimmerman Trial Starts Today- The trial into the alleged murder of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman begins in a Florida court today. The trial will begin with opening statements from attorneys and a statement from Martin’s parents.

2. Items At Boston Memorial To Be Removed- After the Boston Marathon bombings, an impromptu memorial started at Copley Square. To prevent further deterioration of the items, Boston Mayor Menino said that the items will be moved to an archive.

3. Facebook Working On News Reader App- The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that Facebook has been developing a “Flipboard” type news reader for the past year. Many tech companies are working on news reader like this after Google plans to phase out it’s own news reader on July 1.

4. Twinkies Will Return- After Hostess announced bankruptcy, people were freaking out they would never have another Twinkie. But, some other people have bought Hostess and the popular cake will return to shelves on July 16.

5. Monsters Beat Zombies- This weekend’s box office paired Monsters University against World War Z, which resulted in Monsters University earning $82 million while World War Z earned $66 million.

Happy Birthday: Jeff Beck, 69

RIP: President Grover Cleveland, died 105 years ago today.


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