Five Random Celebrities Questlove Thanks At The End Of His Book

The Roots were my first hip-hop love. I was once hesitant to get into hip-hop because I didn’t really get it. After a concert in Central Park with The Roots, De La Soul and MF Doom I was all in. So when I heard that ?uestlove was coming out with a book, I was really excited. I think you can consider him as almost the “Bill Simmons of hip-hop,” more on this comparison later in the week.

?uestlove is beloved by almost every musical figure right now. It’s not odd to see him guesting with Prince or recording an album with Elvis Costello (that will be released this Fall). So I don’t know why I was surprised when looking at the back of his book Mo’ Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove, his “Thank You” section was almost 10 pages long. I decided to list  five random celebrities he thanks.

1. David Cross

?uestlove calls him “one of the craziest people he knows. I should be so lucky to have the honor to of knowing you…”

2. Neal Brennan

One of the co-creators of Chappelle’s Show, ?uestlove says, “You are the white Richard Nichols. Next book, you are doing the footnotes.”

3. Alison Brie

?uestlove simply says, “I’m still shaking my head…” about the Mad Men and Community star.

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

?uestlove thanks Gordon-Levitt for his, “undying support.”

5. Sasha Grey

?uestlove thanks the former porn star for “listening. And for the advice. One of my truest friends.”


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