The Five Things You Need To Know Today (June 21)

1. Brazil Calls Emergency Cabinet Meeting- After about of week the largest protests Brazil has seen in over 20 years, President Dilma Rousseff has called an emergency cabinet meeting. More than 1 million people were reported to have participated in the protests in 100 cities, with only one death.

2. Google Receives UK Ultimatum To Remove Street-View Data- Google has 35 days to remove the wireless data called by their Street View software. Google is legally obligated under today’s “enforcement notice” to delete any remaining data in the given time, or be held in “contempt of court, which is a criminal offence,” the U.K. regulator said in a statement.

3. Kim Kardashian Names Baby “North”- Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl Sunday afternoon and the whole nation was oddly transfixed on the name. The baby will called “North,” making her full name “North West.”

4. Aaron Hernandez Arrested- New England Patriot Tight End, Aaron Hernandez has an arrest warrant for “obstruction of justice” related to a murder. Hernandez was sought for questions and he allegedly disabled his security system and broke his cell phone.

5. NBA Finals Champion Crowned- The Miami Heat defeated the San Antonio Spurs in a Game 7 match up last leading to their second championship in a row. LeBron James was named MVP.



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