Five Awesome Songs/Videos Released This Week

Where Monday through Thursday I’ll be focusing on with an artist/theme/genre of music, Fridays are for posting songs you might have missed in new releases.

1. Robyn- U Should Know Better (feat. Snoop Dogg)

This song came out three years ago but that doesn’t mean it can’t get the visual treatment now.

2. Questlove & Captain Kirk- Get Lucky

Roots guitarist Captain Kirk and drummer Questlove, teamed up as “Black Simon and Garfunkel” for this folksy rendition of “Get Lucky.”

3. Deltron 3030- City Rising From the Ashes

Deltron 3030 may sound familiar from Gorillaz but he’s a legend in the hip-hop world. This is the first track from his new album Event II. 

4. Juicy J- One Of Those Nights (feat. Weeknd)

An interesting collaboration.

5. Eminem- Symphony in H

Short, but definitely sweet.


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