Five Bachelorette Contestants On The Slide (Week Four)

Yesterday I talked about five Bachelorette contestants on the rise and again today we will talk about some contestants who aren’t doing so hot. You really need to start making your time count now. Dez is narrowing in on a few guys she like a lot and it’s important to make every moment count. There five, aren’t really making every moment count.

Here are five guys who need to improve.

1. Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo is a former soccer player and besides his accent really doesn’t have much going for him. You can barely understand what he’s saying and Dez doesn’t really know what to do with him. I feel like she is keeping him on the show at this point because she needs some sort of cultural diversity. She can’t just have a bunch of white dudes who look like they are on PEDs.

2. Brad

Clearly Brad is on the slide because he gets kicked off the show during his solo date. Dez seems to like his company in the previous episode because he has a child and admits to her a “domestic violence incident.” Their solo date goes terribly. They have fun during the day, but at night they barely even speak to each other. Note to guys, when your on a date, you need to say something to the girl. It could be as simple as, What’s your favorite movie? Brad has zero idea what he’s doing.

3. Bryden

After the first episode, Bryden was actually my frontrunner to win the show. He has a great story (car accident), a good personality and didn’t know what Brie cheese was. The producers even made him change his hairstyle. However, during this episode, he actually contemplates taking himself off the show. He doesn’t really like the format. I think he’s jealous that all these guys are seeing Dez so much. He does receive a rose, but I think we saw the last of Bryden this week.

4. Ben

Ah Ben. Ben, Ben, Ben. The guys hate him. He thinks Dez likes him, but she never says anything positive about him.

5. Drew

Drew seems like a really nice guy but I think it’s telling at this point if you haven’t received a solo date with Dez. A solo date means that Dez wants to spend some personal time with you. If you haven’t received a solo date, I think that means Dez doesn’t want to spend time with you.


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