Five Bachelorette Contestants On The Rise (Week Four)

We have begun as Chris Harrison puts it, “a trip around the world” as Dez and the guys this week head to Atlantic City, NJ for the week. Here they participate an array of activities. Dez goes on two solo dates and one group date. Although the group date is a “Mr. America” competition where they guys go through an interview stage, talent stage and of course, bathing suit competition.

Unfortunately, Zack K. and Brad go home. But! There are some new additions to “Five Bachelorette Contests On The Rise.”

Let’s see who made the cut this week!

1. Brooks 

I continue to be confused by what Dez sees in BrooksSure he has a great attitude, but he seems kind of boring. During the talent portion of “Mr. America” Brooks plays this is incredibly inane song on an ukelele, and then smashes the instrument when he’s done. During his interview he says he’s a “lion,” but still gets third place. There must be something going on when the camera isn’t around, because I just don’t get the attraction.

2. Chris 

Chris is quickly rising in my power rankings. He was kind of in the shadows during the first couple of weeks, but he has really amped up his participation in the show. He seems to have a really good sense of humor as during “Mr. America, he wears high heels while hula hooping. Great talent! He also is able to make private moments with Dez count. He finds a nice place on the hotel roof in the previous episode, and is able to read her a poem alone in this episode. Looking at scenes from next episode, it looks like they have a private date in Germany together.

3. James

James has been gaining a lot of ground in recent weeks. Last week he secured some private time with Dez after their stuntman group date. This week James goes out with Dez on a solo date. The solo dates becomes an almost 45 minute infomercial for the Red Cross’ Sandy relief efforts. They tour the wreckage in a helicopter and encounter a couple who they “give” a date in Atlantic City to. Meanwhile the two of them go for “beers and pizza” where James admits he cheated on his girlfriend during his freshman year at college. Look, I’m all about honesty but cheating on your girlfriend from high school in college doesn’t really count.

4. Michael G.

Last week I talked about how Michael G. was too focused on dealing with Ben. This week I think Michael G. has gotten over that. He does a pretty cool “visual” acrostic poem for Dez which she really likes.

5. Zak W. 

Zak W. did himself a major disservice when the first time he saw Dez he took his shirt off. I say this because he seems like a really nice guy. During Mr. America he plays her a song on the guitar which is pretty good, while playing the full song for her late in the night. He is doing a good job in showing that he isn’t just looks. He has a personality also.


One response to “Five Bachelorette Contestants On The Rise (Week Four)

  1. I have to say, because it is REALLY bothering me, why doesn’t Michael G. go home to Florida to continue his career? He’s a federal prosecutor for God’s sakes!

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