The Five Things You Need To Know Today (June 14)

1. U.S. Plans To Send Aid To Syrian Rebels- After it was reported yesterday that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against its own people, the United States has plans to arm the rebels with small arms and ammunition.

2. Syria Says It’s Use Of Chemical Weapons Is Not True- Although the United States has justified assisting the Syrian rebels due to the government’s use of chemical weapons, President Bashar Assad, called the charges “full of lies.”

3. Industrial Production in US Unchanged- Bloomberg reports that industrial production was unchanged in May as a drop in utility offset gains manufacturing and mining.

4. Microsoft Office Available for iPhone- Starting this today, Microsoft Office will finally become available on the iPhone, giving users the opportunity to edit documents, view slideshow presentations among other tasks.

5. Mumford & Sons Cancel Bonnaroo Performance- Mumford & Sons has canceled their headlining Bonnaroo performance as bassist Ted Dwane recovers from surgery removing a blood clot from his brain.


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