The Five Things You Need To Know Today (June 13)

1. Massive Storm Heads East- In what could threaten the U.S. Open and pretty much every other outdoor activity during the next two days, a massive storm known as a “derecho” is headed toward the east coast. A “derecho” is a torando-like storm that causes heavy rain and winds that can reach 80 miles per hour.

2. Death Toll Climbs in Syrian Civil War– As the Syrian Civil War continues to escalate, so does the death toll. According to the United Nations (UN), 93,000 people have died in the three year conflict.

3. Facebook Introduces Hashtags- In an effort to encourage more conversation, Facebook has introduced “hashtags” to it’s social network platform.

4. ESPN To Ceases 3D Channel- ESPN, the sports network giant, has announced a cease of production to it’s “3D content.” ESPN will end 3D production by the end of the year.

5. White To Lose Majority By 2043- According to the new census, whites are set to lose their majority status by 2043. The fastest growing population group in the United States currently is the children of immigrants.


2 responses to “The Five Things You Need To Know Today (June 13)

    • You know Marthfied, I think sports fan DO like 3D, I just don’t think the technology is cheap enough yet for it be purchased by large population of people.

      Thanks for the comment!

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