Five Throwback Bruce Springsteen Songs You Should Here Right Now

Bruce Springsteen may be the most enduring musical figure the United States has besides Bob Dylan. My father has collected almost every RollingStone magazine since 1978 and I have recently been charged with organizing them for sale (if you know anyone who want’s some old RollingStones let me know!). What struck me is that besides The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen almost has two covers every year since the 80s. He is such a popular figure in a music scene that is populist.

When you go to his concerts, not only will you see gray haired baby boomers strumming pretend guitars, but you’ll also see young adults. It’s a bonding experience between young people and their parents. His music is visceral and relate-able. If you grew up listening to “Born the Run” in the 80s, the themes are the same for adults who grew up in the 00s.

I decided to compile a list of five throwback songs by Bruce Springsteen. This was both and extremely difficult. I decided to leave out songs starting with The Rising since this is a “Throwback” list.

I hope you enjoy.

1. Blinded By The Light

Originally by Manfred Mann, legend says that when Bruce Springsteen was auditioning for record labels, this was the first song he played. They label signed him instantly.

2. Growin’ Up

Some of you might know this song from Big Daddy. This song gives me the chills. Springsteen is able to perfectly articulate what it’s like to well, grow up. Read the lyrics, it’s like a poem.

3. 10th Avenue Freeze Out

This is the ultimate, “pump up the volume, drive with all the windows down, summer song.”

4. Rosalita

“Rosalita” tells the classic story of summer love. Rosalita is in love with a musician, whose parents do not approve of the rock and roll lifestyle.

5. Jungleland

This is Springsteen’s opus.



3 responses to “Five Throwback Bruce Springsteen Songs You Should Here Right Now

  1. Your dad’s a baby boomer like me. I first saw Bruce at the former Philharmonic Hall in about 1974? The row in front of us caved in! Bruce and the guys were great and he truly was one of the best performers I’ve ever seen. Love all the songs you listed.

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