Five Bachelorette Contestants On The Slide

Yesterday I talked about five Bachelorette contestants on the rise, today let’s talk about a few contestants who are not doing so hot.

        1. Michael G.                                

 2. Mikey T. 

I put Michael G. and Mikey T. together because I think they are both having the same issue; being too dramatic. Yesterday I talked about how Ben is disliked by a lot of the other guys because they find him shady and will go off with Dez without telling them. Michael G. and Mikey T. are the co-presidents of the “We Hate Ben Club.” That is all well and good, and I can respect them looking out for Dez, but they are spending too much time freaking out about this. Instead, they need to figure out a way to beat Ben at his own game. However, I think a sit-com starring the two of them would be awesome.

3. Brian

In what I believe to be a first for The Bachelorette, Brian was kicked off the show halfway this week, because his “current girlfriend” finds out he is participating on the show. This leads to a pretty incredible confrontation spearheaded by Dez and Chris Harrison. The girlfriend continually calls him a “pig” and a “liar.” However, the details of their “relationship” do sound sketchy. His “girlfriend” even admits to seeing other men.

4. Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo seems like a really nice guy, but I just don’t think he’s right for Dez. He seems really silly and doesn’t take anything seriously. After the cowboy challenge, Dez chooses Juan Pablo to spend some private time with. As they watch The Lone Ranger, Dez continually calls Juan Pablo distracting, not in a good way.

5. Drew

At this point, Drew is just too boring. I don’t even remember anything he’s told Dez.


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