The Five Things You Need To Know Today (June 11)

1. Nelson Mandela In “Stable Condition”- South African hero and former president, Nelson Mandela was admitted to the hospital this past Saturday with a lung infection. He was in critical condition over the weekend, but he is now in “serious, but stable condition.”

2. Hillary Clinton Gets Twitter Account- In a bid to familiarize herself with younger voters and be connected with a larger audience, Hillary Clinton has gotten on Twitter. So far she has over 350,000 followers one tweet.

3. Apple Unveils iOS7- At Apple’s annual WWDC held in California, CEO Tim Cook announced iOS7 yesterday a complete revamp on the design of the iPhone operating system. One interesting new addition is iTunes Radio.

4. Dan Harmon Back on Community- It had been rumored for a couple of days now, by Dan Harmon will return as executive producer and show runner of the television show Community. Harmon had left the show last season.

5. Prices Set For Xbox One and PS4- The new video/entertainment consoles offered from PlayStation and Xbox have been priced at $399 and $499 respectively. 


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