Five Things I Thought To Myself Today


1. Time

When you ask for the time and someone replies — “time for you to get a watch.”

More like, its time for you to stop wasting more of our time with that tired joke about me getting a watch cause let’s face it– if I had a watch I wouldn’t be asking you, would I?

So just fuck off and tell me what fucking time it is.

2. Flat Tops

Iman Shumpert’s flat top is definitely better than Norris Cole’s, and as much as Lebron is a douche I’m rooting for Chris “Birdman” Andersen to get a ring.

3. Restaurants

Old people in restaurants are always hilarious. Babies. Babies are not.

4. Ice Cream

If dip n’dots is the ice cream of the future, why do we have it now?

5. Sonic

Sonic the hedgehog is super fast, but I think the Flash is faster.



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