Five Bachelorette Contestants On The Rise (Week Three)

Instead of two solo dates and one group date, we had two group dates and one solo date this week. We had a girlfriend actually appear on the show and an actual dodge ball match. There hasn’t been a ton of movement in Bachelorette contestants rising, but their are some new faces. Here are five Bachelorette contestants on the rise this week.

1. Ben 

As Ben continues his climb to the top of The Bachelorette kiss board (featured on, he continues to elicit ire from the other contestants. The other guys find him extremely shady. Instead of a cocktail party this week, they have a pool party. Ben intercepts Dez upon entering and takes her on a private car ride (she is actually driving). The other guys seem him with her, but when asked if he had “private time” with Dez, he lies and says no. I realize that the show is about befriending Dez and not the other guys, but at what point does someone tell Dez how shady he is?

2. Brooks

Again I admit I wasn’t a huge fan of Brooks at the start, but Dez seems to really like him. The first group date this week pins one team of guys against another in dodge ball. During the initial “rush to the balls,” Brooks ends up breaking his finger. He really seems to milk the injury. He ONLY broke his finger. Not a big deal. When Brooks meets up with Dez at the “after party” you really see how Dez is “herself” around Brooks. She really seems at ease.

3. James

James is a new addition to our list. He is 26 and an advertising executive. During the second group date, Dez has the guys go through a “cowboy boot camp,” run by the stunt team from The Lone Ranger.  Crazy product placement is involved. Afterwards, James is able to get Dez alone and describes to her how he left his sick father at home to on the show. Dez, always a sucker for sick family members, makes out with him and gives him a rose.

4. Bryden

Bryden is emerging as my favorite person on the show. After the cowboy date, Bryden and Dez are sitting in a tree together. Bryden has a quiet confidence. The two of them seem very natural around each other and Dez really digs his “country boy” mindset. It also seems like Dez likes the fact that he is kind of awkward. His weird haircut is also gone. I guess the hair stylists got to him this week and took care of his Caesar cut.

5. Kasey

Similar to James, Kasey is another new addition this week. Kasey goes on the solo date with Dez that has them dancing on the side of building. Yes, you read that correctly. They are tied up in harnesses and are dancing besides a building. Dez doesn’t seem like her ordinary self because of Brian’s girlfriend coming to expose him. She does try to make the best of it, but at dinner the wind is blowing crazy. They end up just hanging out on some stairs and talking. Kasey’s efforts don’t go unrewarded. He receives a rose.

Creepy Blanket Count: 5

Number of Times Dez Says “For the Right Reasons:” 4



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