Saturday At Governors Ball (Running Diary)

7:30 am: wake up

10:00 am: read a bunch of tweets complaining about yesterday

10:08 am: The Governors Ball Twitter account says, “the grounds are still muddy because of yesterday’s heavy rain. Though we are expecting good weather today, we advise everyone to wear boots.”

10:28 am: learns that kings of Leon is playing today at 6:45 pm at main stage.

10:30 am: yay

12:12 pm: receive an email with this enclosed from media person at Governors Ball. “If you purchased a Single-Day GA or a Single-Day VIP Ticket for Friday’s show, your ticket will be honored for today’s show, with GA access. Governors Ball felt it was their duty to reward the folks who braved the weather yesterday with an entire extra day of the fest, and the ability to see Kings of Leon perform their first show in NYC in 3 years.”

1:59 pm: griz killin it by the Honda stage. Tequila! Pee Wee Herman dance


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