Friday at Governors Ball (Running Diary)

8:00 am: wake up

8:30 am: realize day one of governors ball will take place during a hurricane/tropical storm

10:00 am: walk around the lower east side for about an hour trying to find MEN socks. Duane Reade and CVS both don’t sell them. Buy a six pack of socks for $8.99 at some random pharmacy.

10:45 am: breakfast of champions: bacon, egg and cheese. Toasted everything bagel.

11:00 am: boards m15. Headed towards governor island.

11:30 am: off bus, start walking to Randall’s Island.

11:53 am: arrive. 23 minute walk. Not too bad.

12:30-1:30 pm: chillin in vapor lounge hanging out with someone from Miami

2:15 pm: the knocks + double whiskey coke + tent= šŸ™‚

3:03 pm: found out I got free drinks just in time for dinosaur jr.

3:49 pm: hanging in press tent while listening in on best coast. Not a bad way to spend a Friday

5:03 pm: of monsters and men has biggest crowd of day so far.

5:30 pm: “don’t listen to the words I say”

6:55 pm: feist plays one song and has to leave the stage due to the winds.

8:00 pm: I just can’t do this any more.

8:01 pm: I’m knee deep in mud.

8:03 pm: I’m done with this.

8:15 pm: stay for one song of Erikah Badu and leave.

9:00 pm: get back to my place.

9:05 pm: shower.

9:15 pm: Receive this message from my Governors Ball Musical Festival app: “Due to sustained high winds and unsafe stage conditions, Kings of Leon and Pretty Lights are unable to perform. Please get home safely. Weather looks great tomorrow.”

9:16 pm: Damn.

945 pm: Chinese food.


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