The Five Things You Need To Know Today (June 6)

1. Philadelphia Building Collapse Leaves Six Dead- Early yesterday morning a four-story building in Philadelphia building collapsed leaving six dead and 14 people injured. The building housed a thrift store. The building collapsed due to demolition.

2. Verizon Will Give Phone Records National Security Agency- Verizon, the telephone has giant has accepted an order from the National Security Agency (NSA) to provide tens of millions of phone records from a top-secret request in April. The order gives the NSA permission to listen to calls that are done both domestically and internationally.

3. 124 Chinese Citizens Arrested For Illegal Gold Mining- Ghana officials have arrested 124 Chinese citizens for illegal gold mining in the nation’s capital Accra. The country forbids foreign citizens from mining it’s lands.

4. Half Of Americans Own Smart Phones- New Pew research shows that 50 percent of Americans own smart phones. 28 percent of Americans have Android phones, while 25 percent of of Americans use Apple.

5. Michael Jackson’s Daughter Has Suicide Attempt- Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson had a suicide attempt yesterday.


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