Five Things I Learned About Myself Today


1. Haircut

After catching my reflection in the mirror I realized I should probably get a haircut but I know that once I do I’ll wish my hair was longer again. So therefore it’s probably best that I just don’t get haircut, until I do it on a ur whim that is. And also, it’s like, who has money for something so extra like a haircut? Until then I can trim my sideburns all by my damn self. Funny how you can talk yourself into something and then immediately talk yourself out of that same thing, in almost the same moment.

2. Your Girlfriend’s Ass

I think it’s ok if her boyfriend noticed I did the swivel turnaround to look at her butt, just as long as she doesn’t know because then it’s rude. But if it’s just him and I that know I just checked out his girlfriends ass, its like, that’s fine he’s a guy, guys check out girls butts. That is unless he’s an MMA fighter with a nasty temper and a lot to compensate for. This guy today was not, and his girlfriend’s ass was dope.

3. Mmm Best Show Ever?

Game of Thrones is like the best show ever, and I don’t know what could ever really top it. If George R. R. Martin was here and needed to use me as a human bridge to get across a dirty puddle, I’d probably consider obliging before realizing, no, I do have more self respect than that, even if he did create Game of Thrones. If you don’t watch Game of Thrones, you’re already fucking up in the game…of thrones…

4. Bad Driving

I know when I’ve made a bad driving decision and today I made one. I cut off a guy driving a street sweeper, which off the bat is annoying, for both me and him. We were both trying to make a right out of a parking lot  but he was taking a long time so I pulled up and around him and cut him off to get out of the lot and into the street’s left turn lane, thus preventing him from getting into said turning lane. He was pissed, and I felt a bit guilty and so I tried to let him in, but he instead gave me the finger and made a motion implying he wished to hurt me. So I drove on, making a quick getaway. If you drive you will one day anger some one, it’s best to limit those instances but don’t sit idly by behind a slow moving street sweeper.

5. Off The Proverbial Beaten Path

I think the unknown scares the shit out of most people. Most people need a direct and labeled path in order to feel secure and most people wind up in careers and lives they hadn’t originally envisioned but did it because it was what was expected of them. It’s the people who go off the path and journey into woods, into the unknown, the people who accept the uncertainty of the future who are life’s true adventurers.

These are the people that really get to know themselves. Whether or not they wind up more conventionally successful, these people possess inner strength and understanding that people who walked on paved streets and sidewalks they’re whole life will never understand. Don’t quit your job, everybody’s gotta eat, but don’t be the person who finds themselves or their life to be predictable. Because that, that is the moment you’ve stopped living.


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