Five Bachelorette Contestants On The Rise

I have been trying to think of a way to recap The Bachelorette, other than just doing “5Takeaways.” I have decided on doing a sort of “Power Rankings” on Wednesays and Thurdays. On Wednesday’s I’ll write about five contestants on the rise and Thursday will be dedicated to five contestants falling off.

This week was the first week where we had solo dates and group dates. Every episode of The Bachelorette work like this. Their are two solo dates. The “Bachelorette,” (Dez) will give out a rose on the solo dates. If you don’t receive a rose on the solo date, you are sent home immediately. During the group date, no one can receive a rose. Dez had two solo dates this week and one group dates which had the men filming a rap video with Soulja Boy.

Here are “Five Bachelorette Contestants On the Rise.”

1. Ben 

Although Ben may be racing up the scoreboard in the mind of Dez, he is the least liked person in the house. I don’t how this really matters, since the goal of the show is to be liked by Dez, not be 24 other men. Anyway, the guys of the house don’t like Ben because he keeps interrupting the other guys when they are talking to Ben. I’m not sure how much Dez likes Ben. It seems that he has more to say about her, then she has to say about him. That being said, he is the first guy to receive a rose this week.

2. Brooks

Even though I thought Brooks would be one of the first contestants to leave, Dez seems to really like him. Brooks is chosen for the first solo date. Brooks and Dez go to a wedding shop where they put on wedding garb. Brooks is a really good sport about the situation which makes Dez really happy. They then go to an abandoned bridge where they eat dinner beneath chandeliers attached to the bridge. Then, they are treated to a musical performance from Andy Grammer. You probably know him as that guy who sings, “Keep Your Head Up.” Cue awkward white people dancing!

3. Bryden 

I really like Bryden. I think he is one of the most honest contestants on the show this season. Bryden takes part in the second solo date where he and Dez go on a “road trip” through Southern California. They stop and get snacks (nice choice with the Smartfood!), go to the beach and end up in orange. One thing that works in Bryden’s favor is that he is a “country boy.” He had never had brie cheese before he has some during a picnic and Dez has to actually tell him to kiss him. We also learn that Bryden suffered through a terrible car accident where he actually had a collapsed lung. Dez gives him a rose (obviously).

4. Brandon

If you thought that Brooks was a good sport by wearing a tuxedo, Brandon did a tremendous job in the group video by wearing a speedo. We don’t know a ton about Brandon yet. We do know that he doesn’t trust Ben AT ALL and is kind of dramatic. I think being dramatic on a show like this could backfire because it could rub Dez the wrong way if guys are bickering too much. In this episode, Brandon gets the final rose.

5. Zak W. 

Similar to Brooks, I could also be wrong about Zak W. I thought he was a “mimbo,” be he actually seems like a nice guy. He introduced himself to Dez last week by showing her his abs. This week he shows her his “mental abs” (does that work?). He gives her the gift of an antique diary that has inscription already written in him. Dez seems to be really flattered by the gift. It does seem like a good idea. It’s a way for Dez to chronicle her time on the show, in addition to chronicle her relationship with Zak. Good job Zak!

Come back tomorrow for “Five Bachelorette Contests Who Are Falling.”


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