Five Artists You Should See Saturday At Governors Ball

Saturday is where the fun really starts at the Governors Ball Music Festival. Even though the headliners is bizarrely Guns N Roses, their are a ton of really interesting acts playing. You could call Saturday “hip-hop dominant,” but their are some options for indie music fans.

Here are five acts you should check out on Saturday.

1. Moon Hooch 

Moon Hooch is a trio from Boston consisting of a drummer and two saxophone players. They play purely instrumental music and were actually discovered on a subway platform. They started spontaneous dance parties. The dance parties got so large that they actually got banned from playing in subways. They have toured with They Might Be Giants and Mike Doughty. Their set on Saturday may start early (12:15 pm), but it will certainly jump start you for the rest of the day. Listen to “Song for Miguel” below.

2. Kendrick Lamar 

Except for Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar is the act at Governors Ball Music Festival I am most excited to see. His debut Good Kid, M.a.a.d. City, will go down as one of the best debut albums in hip-hop history. He is radio friendly but his lyrics are introspective and unique from the other young rappers flooding the scene. Unfortunately, he does play besides Australian favorites Cut Copy, but you will find me at Lamar’s set. Guaranteed. Check out “Money Trees” below.

3. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros are like The Polyphonic Spree but don’t wear creepy white robes and look really clean. They are a call back to the early 1970s and look like they belong at Woodstock. They broke out with the hit “Home” a few years ago, but their follow up album was also really good.  Check out “40 Day Dream” below.

4. Animal Collective

When I said I was most excited to see Kendrick Lamar, I am most interested in seeing Animal Collective. Animal Collective is known for their really crazy and awe-inspiring live shows. They do a lot with electronic noises and their names all have to do with animals (hence the name Animal Collective). They are also the first group to use a cleared Grateful Dead sample. How intriguing! Listen to “My Girls” below.

5. Nas

Even though Guns N Roses is the headliner Saturday night, I will keep telling myself Nas is the true headliner. A Queensbridge native, Nas is THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE. Illmatic is classic material. He will be great. He will be awesome. He will be Nasty Nas. Listen to “Accidental Murders” below.


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