Five Kings of Leon Songs You Should Hear Right Now

Kings of Leon have really embodied the Drake line, “started from the bottom, now we here.” The brothers Followill grew up in a very religious home, if you could even call it a home. Their father was a  United Pentecostal Church preacher named Leon Followill. They were home schooled and would camp out for weeks on end at their father’s various speaking engagements.

Since then they have a very precipitous rise in the music world. Their debut Youth & Young Manhood was a callback to Southern rock roots with echoes of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Aha Shake Heartbreak propelled them into indie consciousness with a mature sound. Because of the Times signaled a lull for the group until the super accessible Only By The Night. And with Come Down Sundown, they cemented themselves of almost a “pop” mainstay. They are almost the Southern equivalent of The Strokes.

This Friday they will be headlining the Governors Ball Music Festival. It will be interesting to see what type of music they play. But whether it is their newer stuff or old stuff the crowd will be in for a treat.

To prepare yourself for Friday night, here are five Kings of Leon’s songs you should hear right now.

1. Kings of Leon- King of the Rodeo

2. Kings of Leon- The Bucket

3. Kings of Leon- Charmer

4. Kings of Leon- Crawl

5. Kings of Leon- Notion


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