Five Artists You Should See Friday At Governors Ball

In our continuing week long pre-coverage of the Governors Ball Music Festival, I’ve decided to outline a couple (five) acts you should see on each day of the festival. Today we will start with Friday. With Kings of Leon headlining Friday night, the rest of the acts may not seem that interesting because it is during Friday (a weekday). There are however a few diamonds in the rough that you should check out. And if none seem interesting, Kings of Leon will be great (if the forecast thunderstorms don’t halt their performance).

Here are five acts you should check out Friday night.

1. Dinosaur Jr. 

If you into indie rock I would for sure go check out Dinosaur Jr. Dinosaur Jr. has been around since 1984 and were one of the bands to pioneer alternative and indie rock. The group has had a very rocky relationship but have touring without incident for a couple of years now (money can have that effect.) They released the album I Bet On Sky in 2012, but their set should be a full of classics from their prior albums. Below is the single “Watch The Corners” from I Bet On Sky. 

2. Policia

Although the name Polica may conjure feelings of Eastern Europe or Poland, the five piece band is actually from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their sound might be moody and great for hanging out in your room by candle light, but it’s really accessible. Justin Vernon of Bon Iver called them, “The best band he had ever heard” (high praise). Their debut album, Give You The Ghost was released last February. Check out the song “Wandering Star” below.

3. Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters of Men reminds me of a more indie rock version of Mumford & Sons. Even the Icelandic groups debut, My Head is an Animal, was released almost 2(!) years ago, “Little Talks” is getting a ton of radio play on mainstream radio stations like Z100 now. I think their set will be really fun, like a huge dance party. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, you can hear “Little Talks” below.

4. The Knocks

If indie rock really isn’t your thing, make sure you check out The Knocks. I’ve been a huge fans of these guys since college and am happy to see they are getting the recognition they deserve. If Of Monsters of Men will be a dance party (as I predicted), The Knocks will be a full on rave. The group has shared the stage with Skrillex, Calvin Harris Big Boi and even M.I.A. Check out their song “Modern Heats feat. Lucia” below.

5. Feist

Feist broke into the mainstream with having her music appear on Apple commercials and having really fun music videos a couple of years ago, but she is super talented even though she hasn’t had the same mainstream success recently. She is playing Jimmy Fallon the night before along with Broken Social Scene. Her set at Governors Ball on Friday should be great. I saw her in Northampton, Massachusetts a couple of years ago and her supporting band is awesome. Check out “How Come You Never Go There” below.

What acts are you excited to see Friday night?


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