Five Things You Might Have Missed This Weekend

The weekend used to be a time to turn your brain off. You could relax, take stock of your week and do things you really want to do. Now, the media reserves their highest quality products for the weekend, when people “have the time”  to digest their products.

But, here are five things you might have missed this weekend.

1. Summer Jam Festivities

Besides Rock the Bells, Summer Jam from the fine folks of Hot97.1 is the most highly anticipated “hip-hop day of the summer.” There are usually legendary lineup which is highlighted with tons of special guests. Even the show was cut short this year due to rainstorms, the lineup featuring Wu-Tang Clan, Kendrick Lamar, 2Chainz, Miguel, French Montana and others, the guest appearances did not disappoint. Below are a few video highlights.

French Montana brings out Lil Wayne & Rick Ross for “Pop That”

2Chainz welcomes Nicki Minaj on stage

Surprise Mariah Carey performance with Miguel

2. Hodgy Beats’ Untitled 2

In other hip-hop news, Hodgy Beats released a new EP called Untitled 2 that is free to download. You can stream the album below.

3. Ai Weiwei exhibit

Famed Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei is not stranger to crazy art. He is an exiled artist from China and actually spent some time in jail. His newest art installation, “bang” was featured at Venice Art Biennale 2013. It is constructed from over 850 stools.

4. New Vampire Weekend Video

Ok so this didn’t exactly happen this weekend, but it’s still pretty cool. Vampire Weekend constructed a “Last Supper” scene for their song “Diane Young,” that features Chromeo and Santigold.

5. Game of Thrones

Haven’t seen this week’s episode yet, but I heard’s bananas.


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