Mixtape Tuesday?: Five Songs From Chuck Inglish’s Droptops You Should Hear Right Now

In 2008 the world was The Cool Kids’ oyster. They had a strong of really successful mixtapes, a partnership with Mountain Dew, a steady touring schedule and were even in a TV commercial with Sarah Bareilles. However, when their debut When Fish Ride Bicycles was released, there wasn’t even a whimper of interest. It wasn’t only slammed critically, but also commercially. Maybe it was because they had released a ton of mixtapes and exhausted a lot of their material.

When I first heard their EP The Bake Sale, it was such a breath of fresh air. It didn’t sound overly produced. They really didn’t use many samples. It was very simple, a drum machine and two rappers really enunciating their words. It was almost like you had been transported to the late 80s and early 90s.

I haven’t really heard much from the duo lately, so it came to me as a surprise when I heard Chuck Inglish’s solo effort Droptops. Available as a free EP, the tape was inspired by the artist’s recent trip to SXSW. It’s classic Cool Kids sound with some great guest stars. If only he could save some the best songs for his albums.

Here are five songs you should check out from Chuck Inglish’s Droptops.

1. Keith Sweat (feat. Sulaiman & DJ Izzo)

2. Contact (feat. Buddy)

3. Drops

4. TanGerine (feat, Aston Matthews & Kashflow)

5. Dangerous (feat. Jane Jupiter & Buddy)



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