Five Bachelorette Contestants Who Have A Shot At Winning

First of all don’t judge. You all should know by now that I’m an unabashed reality TV competition fan. And even though The Bachelorette  is nominally a dating show, there is strategy and gamesmanship involved. This is the second season I have seen. I started out with The Bachelor in the fall, and have now moved onto The Bachelorette.

For those of you who don’t know how it works, ABC picks a new “Bachelorette” or “Bachelor” from the previous season. So, Sean Lowe, the last Bachelor was on the previous season of The Bachelorette. Dez was one of the final three women on Sean’s season of The Bachelor. Dez is a nice California girl who doesn’t come from a lot of money. She has an extremely overprotective brother and is very into extreme sports.

A lot of the men this season look they could’ve been prom kings and it is no surprise during their introductions that they all enjoy extreme sports and a lot are “adrenaline junkies.”

Here are five contestants that I believe have a shot at winning:

1. Ben

So Ben is pretty smart. He takes what could be a really awkward situation and plays it to his benefit. When meeting Dez, the contestants will step out of a limousine. Not Ben though. He has his kid step out of the car first. Not only does Dez find this extremely adorable, but Ben diffuses what could be red flag and divulges it right away. It’s a great strategy which works out. He is the first contestant to receive a rose from Dez.

2. Brandon 

I feel like the key to receiving a rose your first night is making a really good first impression. Previously mentioned Ben is a master at this, but Brandon does a good job also. Brandon takes Dez aside quickly and gives her a “coin” that he says was his mothers after being seven years sober. Brandon gives Dez the coin and tells her that she can give it back to his mother during the hometown dates. Not only does Brandon present the communication skills Dez wants, but gives full disclosure on his family life.

3. Zak W. 

In the immortal words of Jerry Seinfeld, Zak W. may be a “mimbo, a male bimbo.” When you first meet him he is literally naked standing on his balcony drinking coffee. He shows up to meet Dez not wearing a t-shirt. He seems to not have much at all to say. But, at Dez’s command, he jumps into the pool, earning the third rose of the evening.

4. Mikey T. 

Mikey T. isn’t only the champion of the deepest of v-neck shirts, but is also the Jersey Shore representative in the show (even though he’s from Chicago, Illinois). Hilariously, Dez tells him that she thought he was from New York (of course she does). Mikey T. tells Dez he is from a close family and is the oldest, so understands why her older brother was so protective in the previous season. He also says that, “all we have is family” (classic).  He receives the last rose of the evening.

5. Drew

We don’t see a lot of Drew’s interactions with Dez, but we do know he has a tragic backstory. We learn that his parents got divorced at a young age, his father was an alcoholic and he has an handicapped sister. Could he be playing the sympathy card? Maybe. He is super awkward during his conversation with Dez. He also sounds gay (not that there is anything wrong with that.)


One response to “Five Bachelorette Contestants Who Have A Shot At Winning

  1. I really, really hope it’s Brandon! He’s my favorite and this week with him in that ridiculous outfit! Man he’s got ball (See what I did there). When he was in the last four guys to be picked my heart was beating so fast! I never want that to happen again!

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