Five Awesome Songs/Videos Released This Week

Where Monday through Thursday I’ll be focusing on with an artist/theme/genre of music, Fridays are for posting songs you might have missed in new releases

1. Earl Sweatshirt- Guild (feat. Mac Miller)

There is still no release date for Earl Sweatshirt’s Guild, but if he keeps releasing songs like this, he can take all the time he needs. Mac Miller doesn’t even sound that terrible.

2. Disclosure- When A Fire Starts To Burn

Disclosure is a British electronic group comprised of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence. They are only 21 years old(!). What the hell have I done with my life? They have a truly unique sound. Their new album Settle comes out June 4.

3. Boards of Cananda- Reach For The Dead

Boards of Canada haven’t released new music since 2006, so when on Record Store Day 2013 a mysterious clip of their music was released people got really excited. Comprised of (once gain) two Scottish bothers their new album comes out June 10.

4. The Lonely Island- Semicolons (feat. Solange Knowles)


5. Goodie Mob- Special Education (feat. Janelle Monae)

Believe it or not there was a life for Ceelo before The Voice and “Fuck You.” He was in the group Goodie Mob based out of Atlanta. With a new album set to drop this summer, look out for songs starting to leak on the Internet.


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