Five Supporting Arrested Development Characters I’m Most Excited To See (And So Should You)

Sure, George Michael, Lindsay, Tobias, Lucille, George Sr., Gob, Michael, Maeybe and Buster Bluth have given us indelible memories of the Bluth family on Arrested Development, but what about the supporting characters? The show would not be where it is today if it weren’t for a supporting cast of weird, irreverent and lovely characters, it would be on the cultural pedestal we see today. That being said, I decided to take a looking at the five supporting Arrested Development characters that I’m most excited to see.

1.  J. Walter Weatherman

An ex-employee of George Sr., J. Walter Weatherman is known for the “lessons” he would teach the Bluth children. For example, if the Bluth children didn’t leave a note or were speaking to loudly, George Sr., would go through an elaborate prank involving Weatherman’s hand getting ripped off (he had lost his hand earlier in his life). I really hope we see a return appearance from Weatherman. The Bluth kids have so many lessons left to learn like not making out with your family members or doing terrible chicken dances.

2. Gene Parmesan 

The Bluths are never not in legal trouble so would it surprise you that they have their private investigator? Enter Gene Parmesan. Although he really only made experiences in season 2, I think with the reboot he will have to do something. The best part about his character is when he will “surprise” Lucille playing different roles, like a Spanish man wearing a sombrero, a doctor and a person in a teddy bear costume. Lucille’s scream alone when she see’s him makes me want to see a repeat performance.

3. Annyong

Played by Justin Lee, Annyong is adopted by Lucille and George Sr., after Lucille thinks Buster is too big for his britches. Lucille calls him “Annyong” because that’s the first thing he says when he meets her (Annyong means Hell0). The performance is really great from Lee when all he pretty much says is Annyong. Annyong doesn’t make much of an appearance in the third season. He has to make an apperance in the fourth season as everyone will be wondering, has Annyong learned a new word?

4. Steve Holt

The forgotten son of Gob Bluth, Steve Holt is famously known for raising his arms in the air and yelling “Steve Holt!” Maeybe has a crush on him and so does her mother. He does a relay race even with Michael Bluth. It seems that every character on the show had some sort of a relationship with him. I’m interested to see if returns. Maybe he’ll be a loser following his popularity in high school? Or maybe he will be a magician in training like his father!

5. Barry Zuckercorn

The original lawyer for the Bluth family, Barry Zuckercorn, might be the worst lawyer in history. He doesn’t read plead deals, tries to get transvestite hookers and focuses on his own cases more than his clients. But the Fonz is hilarious. It’s pretty amazing how Henry Winkler has turned into such a dramatic character. It would be completely un-Bluthlike for them not to be in legal trouble this season. Why not hire an old friend?


One response to “Five Supporting Arrested Development Characters I’m Most Excited To See (And So Should You)

  1. People I’m excited that have been added; Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogan. People who would be exciting to see as someone related to the Bluth family; Amanda Bynes and a Dwight Shrute look-a-like (or maybe just Dwight.)

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