5Takeaways From Dancing With The Stars (Finale Part 1.)

First off I want to apologize for not posting a Dancing With The Stars recap last week. I know these Dancing With The Stars recaps might only be viewed by 7-10 people, but I have made a promise to myself to consistently post recaps of television shows or movies every day. I started a new part-time job and with the Survivor finale last week, I just didn’t have the time. That being said, let’s move forward!

We are finally in the last week of DWTS. This week the dancers need to perform four dances. There is a judges choice, the “cha-cha relay, (where all the dancers dance to the same song) and a freestyle dance (completely designed by the celebrity and their partner).

Finally Ingo is gone, so the final four is Zendaya, Kellie, Jacoby and Ally.

Here are 5Takeaways from the first part of the DWTS finale.

1. Jacoby is the most fun contestant on the show

Between Jacoby’s mother and his energetic personality, I don’t think it is a secret that Jacoby is my favorite contestant on the show at this point. I always look forward to his dances because he’s able to combine acrobatic moves with a contagious musicality. I was surprised to learn that last week, Jacoby was actually on the top of the leaderboard and received a perfect score.

This week, Len Goodman chose the “Jive” for Jacoby. The Jive has always been Jacoby’s strong suit, but his footwork is sometimes off. Len explained when doing the dance he should almost be “stubbing” his toes on the floor like he’s a “kicking a peanut.” The advice works for Jacoby. Len saw an “improvement,” while Bruno said he is always able to bring “energy and charisma.” Only Carrie Ann saw issues with his footwork. Jacoby received a 27 for his first dance.

His “freestyle” dance was what should be remembered though. Paying homage to his home city of New Orleans, Jacoby had a huge cast of characters including a drumline and tap dancers. Dancing to Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us,” it was clear that Jacoby had never tap danced before. But it was fun. Len said he got, “the part started,” and Bruno, “loved the sense of celebration.” Carrie Ann hated on his as usual and said, “You got lost in the shuffle.” For his freestyle, Jacoby received a 27 again. I fear that Jacoby will not win the competition.

2. I still don’t understand why Zendaya is on this show

I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but I don’t care. I don’t know why Zendaya is on this show. It is so unfair to the other contestants. Even though she had one of her worst weeks last week, she is a HIP HOP DANCER. This week Zendaya is on a mission. Carrie Ann picks the Samba for Zendaya and Val. She tells Zendaya that she has to work on her balance especially since she’ll be wearing high heels. Zendaya says, “You can never can enough help,” and enjoys Carrie Ann’s advice. Len’s call her performance, “eye-popping” while Carrie Ann calls the dance, “nothing short of magical.” The hooray train continues as Bruno exclaims, “you are incredibly fierce and have slow, slinky, sexy movies (creepy). Zendaya gets a perfect score. Of course she does, she a goddamn HIP-HOP DANCER.

During the freestyle dance, Zendaya wants to do an almost history of dance number, bringing the audience a combination of things, leading up to hip-hop (of course). The theme of the dance is inspiring kids (I hate her) and she is perfectly in sync with Val. Targeting her younger followers, Zendaya dances to “Beauty and the Beat” by Justin Bieber and just completely kills it (in a good way). At the end, about 10 kids come on stage to dance with her (how cute). For both her dances, Zendaya receives perfect scores.

3. I always find Kellie’s dances to be boring

Kellie is a really pretty girl and she looks great in the skimpy dresses the costume designers pick out for her, but when she opens her mouth, she sounds so stupid. A major part of this show is playing to your strengths. It’s not by accident Jacoby’s dances feature him jumping over people, he’s a football player. But Kellie’s dances can just be so boring. Len picks the “Quickstep” for Kellie to perform during the judges choice round. The dance starts with a bang, but by the end, I was looking up stuff on my iPad or checking the baseball scores. The judges weren’t as bored. Len said he got so excited he nearly “flactulated,” while Bruno thought it was a “tour de force.” Even the critical Carrie Ann thought her spacing was perfect. Her dance got a perfect score.

Her freestyle dance made her judges choice look like a parade. Derek wanted to go very simple with the dance. It was stripped down, quiet and so BORING. The judges once again, did not agree with me. She does have good technique, but if you can’t make the dance exciting what’s the point? Len actually gave her a standing ovation and between tear Carrie Ann said it was so “beautiful” and loved how she “bared her soul.” She received a perfect score once again.

4. Even though Jacoby is the most fun, Ally is the most entertaining

At the beginning of the season, I really did not think that Ally would make it that far on the show. As a gymnast, I don’t know why I thought this way. She is already used to “performing” in front of a live audience, has to make herself “likeable” for judges and needs to transform her personality for various performances. The judges really like Ally. They always tell her she’s made the greatest transformation for the show. For the judge’s choice, Bruno chooses the Samba for her. She has needs to redeem herself he says for the way she performed it last week.

Dancing to “Hip’s Don’t Lie,” Ally does a great job. Bruno says, “there is no stopping you now,” while Carrie Ann sees her as almost a combination of everyone else. Len saw a lot of improvement, with “sexy moves.” She receives a 28 for her performance. Then she does something very daring for the freestyle. As a gymnast she has a lot of upper body strength. So Mark and her practice a routine that involves her almost pole dancing. I did think she would use the poles a little bit more, but it looks great. They dance to a fun EDM song and it almost seems like a Cirque de Soleil routine. Ally was able to get a perfect score for the performance.

5. I don’t think Zendaya will win.

For as awesome Zendaya is and the fan following she has, I don’t think Zendaya is going to win. I think it’s a tossup between Allie and Kellie.

Who do you think will win?


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