Mixtape Monday: Five Tracks From Zebra Katz’s DRKLNG You Should Hear Right Now

Zebra Katz has really come out of nowhere. He has no Wikipedia page. He does have an official website but all you can do is watch music videos and buy merchandise. What we do know is that he may be the next thing. His lyrics are dark. He reminds me off a Dizzee Rascal combined with Tyler, the Creator. His music is hip-hop over dupstep music. He does have more accessible tracks, but a lot of his music makes you feel like your on drugs in a crazy nightclub (which isn’t always a bad thing).

His latest mixtape, DRKLNG, was released on May 17th off of Diplo’s label Mad Decent. Zebra Katz does a lot of the production, but it includes production from Triple Six Sound Club, Lenkemz and Mad Decent’s Paul Devro. In addition, Busta Rhymes is the only other featured artists on the album (HBD to Busta by the by). Here are five songs you should check out from DRKLNG right now. I would for sure listen to his cover of, “I Think We’re Alone Now.”

1. Y I DO

2. Pulla Stunt


4. Ima Read

5. W8WTF

The full mixtape: 



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