Five Things You Might Have Missed This Weekend

The weekend used to be a time to turn your brain off. You could relax, take stock of your week and do things you really want to do. Now, the media reserves their highest quality products for the weekend, when people “have the time”  to digest their products. Look at Sunday night television. You have Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Veep, 60 Minutes and of course the NBA Playoffs. In order to help you a little bit to relevant on GChat or Facebook Monday mornings (long gone is the water cooler), I’ve decided to start a weekly feature talking about things you might have missed this weekend.

Note: A lot of these have to deal with season finale of SNL which had a TON of good stuff.

1. Kanye West’s New Video “New Slaves”

When Kanye West poked his little head out of his French recording studio and tweeted “June 18th,” everyone was really excited about his new material. Information then started to surface that the album would be much darker and feature him “screaming.” On Friday night, West projected his new video “New Slaves” on 66 buildings around the world. Here is a clip of the video being broadcast on a building in Brooklyn. The song also features Frank Ocean.

2. Kanye West’s SNL Performance

Kanye West had a big weekend. Besides, premiering his new video on BUILDINGS, he was the musical guest on the season finale on Saturday Night Live. On SNL, Kanye West played the new song, “Black Skinhead,” (which samples Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People,” and the already mentioned “New Slaves.”

Black Skinhead

New Slaves

3. Goodbye Stefon

I told you this post would be heavily dominated with SNL clips. In recent years, SNL has done a really good job in saying goodbye to their famous cast mates. With the departure of Bill Hader this season, it was obvious they needed to something big to say goodbye to the beloved nightlife expert, Stefon. In the below clip, Seth Meyers runs after Stefon to a chapel where we see all of Stefon’s made up characters and the groom, Anderson Cooper. Comedy obviously ensues.

4. Top of the Pops

Fred Armisen has established himself as a more alternative cast member on the show. He was married to Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss and now has a television show Portlandia on IFC with Carrie Brownstein. For his send off, Jason Sudeikis, Taran Killem, Bill Hader and Fred Armisen composed an original song and were disguised as an old punk band. The song was super simple and really heartfelt. Halfway into the song, Armisen said he had some friends present that would join him. Then entered J. Mascis from Dinosaur Jr., his Portlandia co-star Carrie Brownstein, Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, Aimee Mann, Steve Jones and Michael Penn. Pretty much a who’s who of late 80s/early 90s indie rock.

5. Miguel at the Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Music Awards are usually a bore, but this year there was some added entertainment as Miguel, the R&B singer jumped over the stage and leg dropped onto some poor woman. Ouch.


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