Five Fun Aspects To The Arrested Development Season 4 Marketing Campaign

Arrested Development is only 10 days away, but the lead up might be more enjoyable than the new season itself (although I doubt this). Nowadays with social media and the ability to access information the onus is put on marketing teams to distinguish their product from others. The new Arrested Development season hasn’t just become a television event, but a cultural touchstone everyone is excited for.

As such, there have been a ton of fun marketing ploys to get people get excited. Here are five fun aspects to the Arrested Development season four marketing plan.

1. Season Four Trailer

This may seem like a simple, foregone conclusion but there is a fine balance in creating a trailer that shows the audience what will happen, while hiding various aspects of the new season. The trailer does a great job in calling back various running gags from prior seasons, while introducing new story lines for the upcoming season. did their own hyper analysis of the new trailer.

2. Banana Stand

The banana stand may be the foremost image fans associate with Arrested Development. Who doesn’t remember the famous line, “There’s always money in the banana stand.” How about the Gob’s character the banana grabber? The marketing team behind Arrested Development ACTUALLY built a banana stand which is traveling across the country. Yesterday it was at Yankee Stadium. Today it was in Times Square. Sometimes, even actors in the show hang out by it. Great idea.

3. Tobias Funke’s Sizzle Reel

We all know that Dr. Tobias Funke (the world’s first analrapist) is still looking for a sign. Well, we now has the great doctor’s acting reel. Complete with scenes of Funke as a biker, doctor, cowboy, action hero, normal guy and “big man on campus,” the site,, allows you take Funke from a screen background and crate your own scene.

4. Fake Shows Featured On Netflix

The viral campaign for Arrested Development did’t just begin a few weeks ago. Back in January, Netflix started adding the “fake” shows featured on Arrested Development to their library (obviously you couldn’t watch). The fake shows included,  Les Cousins Dangereux, the fake pages include Girls With Low Self-Esteem: Newport BeachFamilies With Low Self Esteem and Boyfights. What a great idea, besides not be able to see Dave Attell play a never nude.

5. Super Fun Posters

One of the most interesting parts of rebooting a television series like this is that everyone knows the inside jokes. The marketing team took this to heart and presented posters that aren’t only hilarious, but intrigue newcomers into watching the show. Why are their cutoff jeans? Or a medicine bottles? And why the hell is there a banana that says, “Mr. Manager?” You have to watch the show to find out. The posters are both intriguing and entertaining.

BONUS: Did anyone see the new Bluth Banana Stand Restaurant on Seamless today? You can get a Vodka Tonic for $5.26 (May 26). Click here for the complete menu.


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