The Five Things You Need To Know Today (May 15)

Barack Obama Tells IRS It Failed- Urging for more accountability, Barack Obama told the IRS it failed in processing some tax-exempt forms. The report found that it took the IRS sometimes more than 18 months to determine whether or not the applicants were engaged in political activities.

European Union Pledges $650 Million In Aid to Mali- The European Union pledged $650 million in aid to Mali helping them rebuild after conflict. Mail went into turmoil last year following a coup that allowed Islamists to take over the north.

Square Stand To Replace Cash Registers- The company Square, a technology company based in San Francisco started with the Square reader that attached to iPhones. Now they’ve introduced the Square Stand, that will render the cash register useless.

Google Expected To Introduce Music Product- Twitter has gotten into the music game with Twitter Music, their is Spotify and Rdio. Now Google is set to introduce their own music subscription service. The service is expected to introduced sometime today at their annual developers meeting.

Bill Hader to Leave Saturday Night Live– Bill Hader, the beloved SNL star who does many impressions including James Carville and the popular Stefon will leave the show after this season. He will pursue other television and movie roles.



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