Five EDM Songs You Should Hear Right Now

About 10 years ago, Daft Punk was really the only electronic group to be accepted mainstream. Ten years later on the verge of releasing Random Access Memories, the EDM scene has gotten a little more crowded. Whether its eletronic, dance, dubstep, techno or drum & bass, electronic music in general has gone mainstream. EDM DJs like David Guetta are almost treated like rockstars. They have tours going around the world and don’t forget the almost 50 EDM music festivals that have sprouted up all over the world.

I used to not really understand the appeal of EDM, and in some ways I still don’t. In some respects the genre reminds of how disco was treated in 70s. Don’t forget that type of musc had a major dropoff, ending with an actual bonfire of disco records at the Detroit Tigers baseball stadium. But for the time being, EDM is here to say. And even though some people may generalize the genre as music to take drugs to, I don’t think that way. It can be fun, thought-provoking and of course easy to dance to. Here are five EDM songs you should hear right now.

1. David Guetta vs. The Egg- Love Don’t Let Me Go

2. Fatboy Slim- Praise You

3. Daft Punk- Digital Love

4. La Roux- Bulletproof (Foamo Remix)

5. Skrillex -Bangarang (feat. Sirah)

What are some of your favorite EDM songs?


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